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Hot Selling for Filter Press Cloth

Filter press Cloth is an industry leader in developing custom filtration fabric for many different applications Experienced Filtration Fabric Weaving and Construction.

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Product Details

As one of the leading suppliers of hot selling for filter press cloth in China, Daitto Group Company now has quite a few products in stock in its factory. Also dealing with customized service, we warmly welcome you to buy or wholesale discount and cheap products at low price with us. And free sample is also available if you need.

Basic Information

  • Applications: Filtration Textiles

  • Pattern: Plain, Twill, Stain, etc

  • Gram Weight: as Per to Your Request

  • Size: Demanded by Customers

  • Material: PET, PP, Fiberglass, PVC,Aramid, P84, PPS, PTFE, etc

  • Type: Filter Fabric

  • Width: as Per to Your Request

  • Structure: Fabric Form

Product Description

Filter Fabric for filter press, filter cloth for liquid filtration

Daitto filter fabrics are designed for harsh service in virtually any filter press including plate and frame, chamber, belt, drum, and disk types.

Applications: For filter presses used in liquid filtration

- series: Multifilament, monofilament, staple series.

-Material available: polyester, Polypropylene, acrylic, fiberglass, aramid, PPS, P84, PTFE, etc.

Size: Demanded by customers

- Default treatment: glazed one side

-special treatment: heat set; ant-staic fiber/yarn inserted and woven together; PTFE membrane laminated 

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